We design modern Supply Chain Management processes and complete programs that add substantial profits to the bottom line.



    Activity-based Management?

    Cycle Time Reduction?

    Hours of Inventory


    Which to work on? How to address all in time to survive?

TPG will rebuild your company's Total Supply Chain process, from order intake to shipment to your customer, insuring growth, profitability and leadership in your industry.

Efficient supply chains now mean the entire order-fulfillment process; from the method of order intake through to the manufacture and delivery of the finished product to your customer.

Properly defined, every step in the order-fulfillment process is both a customer (receiver of goods and services from a previous step) and a supplier (seller of goods and services to the next step).

Viewed as a process, this is ONE supply chain. Only if considered together can the right order of work be established at the right cost.

TPG is a team of experienced professionals with a sound track record in the entire business integration process. TPG will help you and your team identify and install a fully integrated product delivery process, including:

  •     The most cost-effective build-to-order process

  •     Inventory measured in hours

  •     Cycle time in days

  •     Quality that is inherent

  •     Cost drivers that are continuously reduced

As outsiders we are well-positioned to lead the efforts to re-design the entire Supply Chain and effect lasting change. 

We help our clients re-design and manage the Supply Chain resulting in powerful increases in financial, operational, and sales performance.

Please contact The Purchasing Group at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

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