We provide such experts to manage and run our clients’ purchasing departments. TPG specializes in the design and management of purchasing processes that are unique in several ways. The scope is larger than that of our competitors, and our processes are continually upgraded to match with new purchasing methodologies and learnings. As a result, our clients have best-in-class purchasing departments. We are responsible for the entire process and for devising and implementing strategic initiatives, such as ERP implementation, cost cutting projects, stocking programs as well as the day-to-day buying. Our solution permits clients to grow and build infrastructure without having to experience the uncertainties of growth.

Outsourcing as a management tool made its appearance in the late eighties as companies came under increasing pressure to find more effective ways to achieve their goals. Companies successfully used outsourcing and it resulted in the same or better level of service for savings of 15% or greater, thereby reducing the company’s operating costs as well as increasing shareholder value. Outsourcing releases management to focus on its core business. It functions by eliminating the need to oversee the day-to-day operations of Purchasing. Since its inception, the usage and scope of outsourcing has grown steadily.

Advantages in addition to lower costs and improved business focus:

  • Large pools of available buyers and purchasing managers that can be deployed as needed

  • More efficient, modern, proven proprietary purchasing processes and methodologies

  • Improved proprietary systems and support capabilities

  • Lower costs through shared leverage

  • Lower costs by sharing multi-customer resources

The 3 Key Concepts of Procurement Outsourcing:

    *Apply the "80/20 Rule" of Service Organizations
    *Set up the right Performance metrics
    *Demand Cost Competitiveness of Procurement Processes

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