4. Workshops

These four hour classes are limited to 3-5 students and offer hands-on learning for those who want to master a particular subject or technique. Along with newfound skills, you'll leave with real life examples.

    Contract Workshop
    Networking Workshop
    RFI, RFP, and RFQ process, documentation

 5. In-Depth Series

Listed below are several series that build on the essential series and explore a subject in detail. We've paired valuable information with interesting techniques. Each series consists of three classes.

    Negotiation Series
    Contract Review and Amendments
    Customer Service
    Communication, Presentation, and Writing
    Strategies and the Art of War


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 2. The Advanced Series

Once you've truly mastered the basics of best-in-class purchasing this series helps you acquire the skills and techniques of the accomplished purchasing executive. Class size is much smaller than our essential series. They enable more in-depth discussions, comparative approaches, and greater interaction between student and teacher. The class content is rich and deep; focusing on methods, tools, history and art of presentation. This will distinguish your purchasing department for years to come.

    Zero Based Pricing
    Request for Proposal-Creation, Execution, Analysis
    Running a large project and succeeding
    Leadership skills
    How do you buy for the marketing organization?
    How do you buy for the HR organization?
    How do you buy for the finance organization?
    How do you buy for the IT organization?

The Purchasing Group offers a wide variety of training to help companies manage their purchasing function. Classes are offered at one of our training facilities or can be done onsite at your company. If you would like to obtain more information about one of the following classes, please call 650-714-2060 or email us: training@thepurchasinggroup.com.

 3. Condensed Essentials

For those whose schedule can't accommodate the full 10 class series, this course covers all the important techniques and methodologies from our 10-class series, streamlined into a fast-paced and entertaining six classes. Our goal is to offer the same enriching experience that we do so successfully in our 10 class series. This is a great refresher course.

    Purchasing Essentials
    Negotiation Skills
    36 Strategies
    Time Management Skills
    Customer Service
    Communicating up the chain

Ready to Explore New Possibilities?

 1. The Essential Series

Knowledge is the most essential element for any purchasing person's career development. Our comprehensive series covers the principles, methods, and techniques that will make purchasing more interesting and provide buyers with the skills needed to contribute value to the organization. This series will put a powerful new foundation under what you already know. Begin at any time in the program or take only those classes that interest you.

    Purchasing Essentials- Part 1
    Purchasing Essentials-Part 2
    Negotiation Skills
    36 Strategies
    Time Management Skills
    The Goal-Cycle Time, Process Management, and Continuous Improvement
    Customer Service- Part 1
    Customer Service- Part 2
    Customer Service- Part 3
    Communicating up the Chain