* Purchasing is spending more than 56% of revenue for purchased goods and materials.
*Only 5-10 suppliers account for 80% of this spending.
    And very few of your purchasing resources (20%) are dedicated to these strategic, tier 1 suppliers.
*Meanwhile your purchasing team is missing the strategic cost savings opportunities.
*Most purchasing teams are overwhelmed by small transactions and are forced to abandon strategic opportunities.


Competitive cost pressures require 10, 20, or 30% cost reductions per year. Skillful negotiation can only give 1-5% price discounts.

Our Changing Future...

Purchasing must know suppliers’ potential contribution to the bottom line. Purchasing must focus on:

    *developing strategies
    *building supplier relationships
    *performing design/process/cost analysis
    *requiring continuous improvement

TPG helps its clients achieve compelling improvements in financial performance by managing their purchasing function effectively.

Leading purchasing and supply professionals are proving to their firms’ top executives that purchasing impacts their organizations’ financial performance unlike any other function.

One unique aspect about a firm’s purchasing department is that every dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line. Doing purchasing right is worth it.

We provide managerial leadership and resources on a part time or full-time basis. Our managers have best-in-world skill sets that are continuously upgraded through learning and training programs. The exposure to many different companies in multiple industries gives us a more innovative approach.

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Ready to Explore New Possibilities?

TPG’s Tier 1 Tools

    *Commodity Management Strategies
    *Commodity Management Teams
    *Strategic Supplier Development
    *Supplier Programs
    *Early Supplier Involvement Program
    *Supplier Ranking and Rating
    *Partnership Agreement and Models
    *Quality Audits
    *Zero Base Pricing Methodologies
    *Annual Price Contract Negotiations