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TPG helps client companies by running the entire purchasing function which leads to significant increases in both financial and operational performance.

TPG’s core concept is to design and staff a professionally managed purchasing function without the full-time cost of such talent. Our model is a two level solution which includes both tactical (i.e. sourcing and order placement) and strategic resources (e.g. purchasing manager).

TPG’s performance guarantees include:

  •     Same Day Cycle Time
  •     Lower Operating Cost
  •     Higher Savings and Added Profits

TPG’s solution has a distinct price/performance advantage in that clients get the entire structure of a purchasing department commensurate with transaction levels. We bill our clients a monthly fee which does not vary with the number of transactions. This facilitates budgeting and allows clients to evaluate our savings in light of our expense. We pride ourselves on always adding more profits than we cost.

TPG has developed proprietary processes, system solutions, and metrics programs that bring about a level of savings that can double the bottom line. 

About TPG

Small to medium size firms do not require a full time management resource, yet lose significant savings potential if the function is not properly managed. Employing TPG’s Managing System © lets companies focus on their core competencies and functions, while adding strategic skills to the purchasing function.

TPG offers a unique opportunity for every business who buys from suppliers to baseline their organizations, ideas, practices, and skills in purchasing against the very best in the world.